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Anesthetic Face Mask

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Anesthetic Face Mask

If you are familiar with the traditional anesthetic face mask, you would notice not only the size difference but also different using experience.



– Single-hand operation
– Soft seal
– Easy size choice
– Stable quality

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the material of your mask?

TPE and PP, free of PVC and natural rubber.

Do you have a MOQ for each size?

You can buy mix.

Do your masks have patent issues? It looks the same as Intersugical's.

No, their patent has expired.

To which countries you have sold the masks to?

To Turkey, Malaysia, Spain etc. 

How many sizes you have?

4 sizes, Papa for adult male, Mama for adult female, BQ for adolescent and BB for infant.

Could you offer documents support if I need to register in the Philippines?

It depands on what documents you need, usually we offer drawings, MSDS, TDS, DOC, COC/COA and apostiled CE&ISO.

Do You have any agents in the US?

No. not yet.

Our Mask in action

Single hand operation provide doctors and nurses with more effortless operating experience

Dr. Yu operating with our face mask

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7 Days Lead Time + 99% On-time Delivery

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