Infusion Set

Expand your IV therapy without overexpanding yourself

BQ+ offers a variety of Infusion Set that help meet clinical needs throughout the hospital.

Liquid lock – An innovative 8um membrane ensures liquid lock safety in case of emptied fluid container. Guarantee that the tubing is completely filled with fluid.

Gravity tubing, pump tubing, coiling or Spiral Tubing, flow-regulating devices

Multiple choices of drip chamber

Multi choices of drip chamber

Double Layer & six vents ensure flow rate > 300ml/10min for 0.2um

Lipid-resistant 3-way stopcock, 45 degree rotation
    “Click on, Click off” 45 degree rotating design make the 3-way stopcock easier to control, especially during emergency

Invasive pressure sensor is composed of infusion sets.

Light protect DEHP FREE PVC &TPU tubing

NF96 patent pump tubing, no fatigue for 96 hours

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