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IV Flow Regulator

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IV Flow Regulator

BQ IV Flow reglator controls IV flow stable and accurate during the infusion procedure. Extension set and rate flow regulator iv set with flow regulator available.



Material: white ABS and clear TPE

Colour: green or blue

Max operating pressure: 0.5 bar in static condition, Gravity Set

Max sterilization temperature: 50°C

Operating Range: 10 to 250 mL/h,5 to 200 mL/h

Tolerance of flow rate: 10%:30~250mL/h is ±20% , 20mL/h is -10% ~ +50% , <20mL/h is not defined

Stablity of Flow Rate: 10% flow rate fluctuation during 24 hours infusion (tested with NaCl 0,9% solution from glass bottles under room temperature 23±2°C)

No leakage under 50kpa

Test height: place the IV solution container at about 100cm above the outlet level

The inlet and outlet are suitable with Φ2.9*Φ4.05±0.1mm tubing

Use Cyclohexanone bond with tubing. Please note if cyclohexanone drops enter into the flow regulator body can cause channel clogging

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Technical Characters:

Class: IIa

UMDNS-Code: 16789

Sterilization Way:Can be EO Sterilized

Destination/use:For single use

DEHP Free: Yes

Latex Free: Yes

Biocompatibility: Yes

Non-pyrogenic: Yes

Shelf life: 3 years 

Conformity:European Directive 93/42/EEC


The applicable harmonized standards:

EN ISO 8536-4:2019 Infusion equipment for medical use- Part 4: Infusion sets for single use, gravity feed

EN ISO14971:2012 Medical devices-Application of risk management to medical devices

EN ISO13485:2016 Medical devices-Quality management systems-Requirements for regulatory purposes

EN ISO 8536-13:2016 Infusion Equipment for medical use- Part 13 Graduated flow regulators for single use with fluid contact 

Biocompatibility compliance

ISO10993-5:2009  Report No. T21822019-001

ISO10993-10:2010  Report No. T21822019-002 &T21822019-003

ISO10993-11:2017 Report No. T21822019-004 &T21822019-005

United states Pharmacopeia 42, National Formulary 37 (USP) Report No. T21822019-006

ASTM F756-2017 Report No.: T21822019-007

SKU/REF Description Specification Material Color Operating range
FR-6 Flow regulator (Single Scale) Φ 31 x 36mm ABS & TPE White 5-250ml
FR-14 Flow regulator (Double Scale) Φ 31 x 36mm ABS & TPE White 5-250ml

A Shanghai-Based, Export-oriented Medical Device Manufacturer

With 3 facilities, 400+ employees, ISO Certified, Lean Production, High-Quality

BQ+ Medical is a manufacturer dedicated in Infusion therapy products.  

For you, BQ+ customizes sets of Infusion, Transfusion, Oncology & Enteral feeding with in-house Components molding, Assembling, and EO Sterilization.

BQ+ Medical not only produces components for manufacturers worldwide but also provides private-label manufacturing for leading brand distributors in different countries.

Looking for reliable partners among Chinese IV factories?

If you are among the increasing of business looking for reliable IV manufacturer  as long term partner in China, we’ve got you covered. We supply components, customize finished sets,  provide private labelling since 2005 for costomers from 60+ countries.


Factory Tour

3 factories with 25000sqm production area, 5000sqm Class 100K Clean Room, 40 injection machines, 6 extrusion machines,  400+ employees, total 204 cubic meter EO sterilization capacity.


Quality & Regulation

BQ+ facilities are ISO13485 Certified, FDA registered, CFDA Class II production licensed manufacturer. BQ+ Medical provide ETO sterilization service, which is also FDA registered, ISO11135 certified.


Process to start

BQ+ Medical streamlines the process,  to ensure that the business discussion, supplier audit, manufacturing, and delivery of the goods is as efficient as possible.  All this with competitive price, quality and lead time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depands on the quantity you order, rough price around 0.2USD/EA.

No, we don’t, usually we do OEM.

4 weeks for components, and 5 weeks for complete sets with artworks and payment ready in advance.

We sold the flow regulators to Turkey, France, Italy, South Amercia and a lot of trading companies in China where we don’t know they selling to, maybe to the countries we didn’t cover yet.

For components, we can put about 600K units in the 20GP container, for extension lines we can put about 70K-80K units per 20GP container.

Yes, usually we send 5-10 units samples for free.

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