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Infusion Set for Pump

An infusion pump is a medical device that delivers fluids, such as nutrients and medications, into a patient's body in controlled amounts. Acute care, long term care, home care, emergency responders, veterinary clinics all use infusion pump to provide accurate infusion rate and volume control.



-US CDC guidelines are now requesting 96 hours challenge for pump IV sets. But the fatigue resistance of PVC tubing in the market could not meet long-time usage requirements.  Typical IV sets can only last for a few hours.

-BQ plus customize pump infusion sets for medication, nutrition delivery, and irrigation.  Patented 96 hours of non-fatigued pump tubing is the unique advantage of the BQ pump infusion set. 

-BQ+ has a patented tube technology named NF96, which allows tubing keep to run for 96 hours without fatigue.  This DEHP-free PVC tubing is made from a special compound formula with a unique production process.


Customize Process

With NF96 technology, plus 408+ self-made components, BQ+ customize sets for various pumps. The following is the 4-step process of customizing:

1.  Customers provide one pump
2.  Customer provides one box of current use tubing for benchmarking
3.  BQ does design and performance testing with NF96 tubing
4.  Samples provided for customer testing.  Order places after approval.

Successful Cases for customizing pump sets:

Baxter flo-guard 6201& 6301 compatible administration set

Baxter flo-guard  6201& 6301 compatible administration set, with needle free injection sites and Male Luer Lock connector.  Liquid filter is optional as request.  Tubing is DEHP free and whole sets are Latex free. 

Both Baxter Flo-Gard 6201 & 6301 are linear peristaltic pumps, which are programmed and permits infusion of primary and secondary medication.  Baxter Flo-Gard 6201 & 6301are large volume pump for both human and veterinary application.  Baxter Flo-Gard 6201 & 6301deliver extensive range of fluids over a multitude of infusion rates.  Care providers have the flexibility of user-selected infusion rages and primary and secondary piggybacked medication program.  Flo-gard 6201 is single channel, while Flo-gard 6301 is equipped with two separate channels.   BQ Plus Medical provides IV administration sets which could work both on Baxter Flo-Gard 6201 & 6301.  BQ Plus medical sets are 510K cleared.   Configuration is as following but not limited to listed items. 

*FloGard is a trademark of Baxter International Inc. This is not a product of Baxter International Inc. BQ Plus Medical is not affiliated with Baxter International Inc.

B Braun Vista Basic compatible administration set

Vista basic compatible administration set, with needle free injection sites, blue slide clamp and Male Luer Lock connector.  Available in various configurations, lengths with or without integrated 0.2 micron or 1.2 micron filter.  Tubing is DEHP free and whole sets are Latex free. 

The Vista basic was designed to ensure simplicity in all aspects of its use: from set installation, to programming, to special mode use and alarm correction. Based on a design that has sold over 100,000 units worldwide, the Vista basic provides high reliability packaged in one of the easiest pumps to use. 
As a workhorse in the outpatient market, it offers a rugged and reliable design, all relevant therapies such as continuous, piggyback and program mode, and a selection of cost-effective, straight line gravity sets.

*Vista Basic is a trademark of B Braun Medical Inc. This is not a product of B Braun Medical Inc. BQ Plus Medical is not affiliated with B Braun Medical Inc.

A Shanghai-Based, Export-oriented Medical Device Manufacturer

With 3 facilities, 400+ employees, ISO Certified, Lean Production, High-Quality

BQ+ Medical is a manufacturer dedicated in Infusion therapy products.  

For you, BQ+ customizes sets of Infusion, Transfusion, Oncology & Enteral feeding with in-house Components molding, Assembling, and EO Sterilization.

BQ+ Medical not only produces components for manufacturers worldwide but also provides private-label manufacturing for leading brand distributors in different countries.

Looking for reliable partners among Chinese IV factories?

If you are among the increasing of business looking for reliable IV manufacturer  as long term partner in China, we’ve got you covered. We supply components, customize finished sets,  provide private labelling since 2005 for costomers from 60+ countries.


Factory Tour

3 factories with 25000sqm production area, 5000sqm Class 100K Clean Room, 40 injection machines, 6 extrusion machines,  400+ employees, total 204 cubic meter EO sterilization capacity.


Quality & Regulation

BQ+ facilities are ISO13485 Certified, FDA registered, CFDA Class II production licensed manufacturer. BQ+ Medical provide ETO sterilization service, which is also FDA registered, ISO11135 certified.


Process to start

BQ+ Medical streamlines the process,  to ensure that the business discussion, supplier audit, manufacturing, and delivery of the goods is as efficient as possible.  All this with competitive price, quality and lead time.

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Product Catalog

Pump infusion set
Pump infusion set
Pump infusion set
Model Detailed Configration Individual Packaging Pcs/Ctn Carton Size
A Air vented chamber with 15micron filter + roller clamp+DEHP free pump tubing(120/180cm)+injection site+DEHP free tubing(15/30cm) + spin luer lock + prime stop cap Peel pouch or soft blister 100 580mm*220mm*320mm
B Air vented chamber with 15micron filter + roller clamp+DEHP free pump tubing(150/180cm)+ spin luer lock + prime stop cap Peel pouch or soft blister 100 580mm*220mm*320mm


Basic: Air vented chamber with 15micron filter + roller clamp + tubing + injection site + pinch clamp + spin lock luer + cap
Options for standard add-on features:
-Y injection site with handy safe grip plate
-Needle free valve
-Back check valve preventing backflow of solutions and blood
-Various tubing lengths for better patient mobility and others 

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