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Why BQ+ Flow Regulator

Flow Regulator Mobile

Precise Flow Control

30~250mL/h is ±20% , 20mL/h is -10% ~ +50% , <20ml/h is not defined


Accurate Delivery

5 weeks lead-time with 99% on-time delivery rate


Ready-to-use IV administration set equipped with flow rate regulator

Rapid and smooth adjustment to the doctor-recommended rate of delivery

Clearly calibrated regulating dial from 10 to 250 ml/h to fit individual patient condition.

Flow rate stay stable during delivery, flow rate deviation ≤ 10 % 

Soft, clear PVC tubing with standard ID/OD 3×4.1mm, DEHP free

Screw tight Luer Lock fitting to reduce accidental disconnection

Peel pouch pack, EO sterilized 

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