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Why BQ+ Flow Regulator

Flow Regulator Mobile

Precise Flow Control

30~250mL/h is ±20% , 20mL/h is -10% ~ +50% , <20mL/h is not defined


Accurate Delivery

4 weeks lead-time with 99% on-time delivery rate


Material: white ABS and clear TPE

Colour: green or blue

Max operating pressure: 0.5 bar in a static condition, Gravity Set

Max sterilization temperature: 50°C

Operating Range: 10 to 250 mL/h,5 to 200 mL/h

Tolerance of flow rate10%. 30~250mL/h is ±20% , 20mL/h is -10% ~ +50% , <20mL/h is not defined

Stablity of Flow Rate: 10% flow rate fluctuation during 24 hours infusion (tested with NaCl 0,9% solution from glass bottles under room temperature 23±2°C)

No leakage under 50kpa

Test height: place the IV solution container at about 100cm above the outlet level

The inlet and outlet are suitable with Φ2.9*Φ4.05±0.1mm tubing

Use Cyclohexanone bond with tubing. Please note if cyclohexanone drops enter into the flow regulator body can cause channel clogging

Technical Characters:

Class: IIa

UMDNS-Code: 16789

Sterilization Way:Can be EO Sterilized

Destination/use:For single use

DEHP FreeYes

Latex Free: Yes

Biocompatibility: Yes

Non-pyrogenic: Yes

Shelf life: 3 years

Conformity:European Directive 93/42/EEC


The applicable harmonized standards:

EN ISO 8536-4:2019 Infusion equipment for medical use- Part 4: Infusion sets for single use, gravity feed

EN ISO14971:2012 Medical devices-Application of risk management to medical devices

EN ISO13485:2016 Medical devices-Quality management systems-Requirements for regulatory purposes

EN ISO 8536-13:2016 Infusion Equipment for medical use- Part 13 Graduated flow regulators for single use with fluid contact

Biocompatibility compliance

ISO10993-5:2009  Report No. T21822019-001

ISO10993-10:2010  Report No. T21822019-002 &T21822019-003

ISO10993-11:2017 Report No. T21822019-004 &T21822019-005

United states Pharmacopeia 42, National Formulary 37 (USP) Report No. T21822019-006

ASTM F756-2017 Report No.: T21822019-007

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