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Oncology Insights: June 2022

“Today we release our 11th edition of Oncology Insights, featuring perspectives from more than 170 oncologists nationwide on how they are coping with increased stress and the emotional symptoms of physician burnout.” from Cardinal Health post

McKesson Invest 280M+ in digital health companies

“Did You Know? We invest in digital health companies to advance healthcare delivery, increase affordability, and improve the patient experience. Learn more about our investments in tomorrow’s care: https://bit.ly/3lvN9G2” from Mckesson post

ICU Medical at the INS Annual Meeting & Exhibition, June 4 – 7 in Orlando

“Join us at the INS Annual Meeting & Exhibition, June 4 – 7 in Orlando, to learn how we’re building the tools you need to align with the latest Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice.” from ICU Medical post

BD is unlocking the next frontier in cell sorting

“BD is unlocking the next frontier in cell sorting to give scientists new insights into health and disease. The BD FACSDiscover™ S8 Cell Sorter with BD CellView™ Image Technology is the world’s first cell sorter to combine advanced spectral flow cytometry with new sort-capable imaging technology, letting scientists see and sort cells like never before to help propel research and therapeutic discovery. https://lnkd.in/gJ5YZ25q” from BD post

Product of this week – Infiltration tube set 

An infiltration tube set is commonly used for delivering tumescence liquid into the human body during varicose vein treatment and liposuction.

The infiltration tube set from BQ+ is produced in the facilities that are ISO13485 certified, FDA registered, and CFDA Class II production licensed manufacturers. BQ+ Medical provides ETO sterilization service, which is also FDA registered, and ISO11135 certified.

BQ+ is A Shanghai-based, Export-oriented Medical Device ManufacturerWith 3 facilities, 400+ employees, ISO Certified and Lean Production. Let us guide you through the buying process.

Authur: Jiaxuan Chen

Email: tiger@bq-medical.com

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A Shanghai-Based, Export-oriented Medical Device Manufacturer

With 3 facilities, 400+ employees, ISO Certified, Lean Production, High-Quality

BQ+ Medical is a manufacturer dedicated in Infusion therapy products.  

For you, BQ+ customizes sets of Infusion, Transfusion, Oncology & Enteral feeding with in-house Components molding, Assembling, and EO Sterilization.

BQ+ Medical not only produces components for manufacturers worldwide but also provides private-label manufacturing for leading brand distributors in different countries.

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