Shanghai Covid-19 Updates

Shanghai will create a “green route” to enable the importation of essential products. Liu Bo, deputy director of Shanghai Customs, said during a regular news conference on May 18 that Shanghai will create a “green route” for the city’s vital businesses, including integrated circuits, biopharmaceuticals, and automobile production. The green channel will seek to extend measures of facilitation to industry and supply chains as a whole. Products suitable for the green channel include completed goods, commodities, raw materials, and associated equipment. The facilitation efforts include expedited quarantine processes for coronavirus vaccinations, medications, and other anti-pandemic items, as well as streamlined customs clearance procedures for “whitelisted” businesses, such as automakers Tesla and SAIC.

70% of enterprises on the “whitelist” restart operations in Shanghai. Seventy percent of the 3,000 enterprises that were authorized to reopen in Shanghai after being added to a whitelist have successfully reopened. Among them were the first 666 firms authorized to start, of which 95% have done so. Eighty percent of the 847 foreign-invested companies on the list have resumed operations.
In addition to the whitelisted firms, according to a municipal official’s reaction to a media question, almost 4,400 of the city’s 9,000 industrial enterprises (above a specific size) have resumed operations. In districts, such as Jinshan, Qingpu, Fengxian, and Songjiang, which achieved zero-COVID at the community level sooner than the rest of the city, the restart rate of industrial firms was greater.Shanghai Covid-19 Updates

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